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      The Benefits of a Remote Workforce: Experts Weigh In

      Is Remote Working Effective? Yes, If You Plan Well

      Besides technology and policies, organizations must address culture and provide training.

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      How Remote Work Has Evolved with New Technology

      Learn from our customers that have implemented remote work technology.

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      Remote Work Security & Productivity Best Practices

      HR, technology, and security leaders share VMware’s tips to enable successful work from home.

      Watch Video (24:25) 

      VMware’s Remote Work Technology in Action

      See how a digital workspace platform can enable remote work and provide a great employee experience.

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      VMware Future Ready Workforce and Remote Work Solutions


      Scale Access to Critical Apps and Data

      Be ready for any challenges or disruptions by leveraging an infrastructure that can scale to support all your apps and data, providing flexibility for end users with desktop and application virtualization solutions.



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      Deliver, Secure, and Manage Devices

      A distributed workforce requires intelligent device management from the cloud, along with a zero trust security strategy. Cloud-first Modern management with context-aware security features can keep employees productive and engaged wherever they are working.


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      Optimize Network and Access

      Supporting a remote workforce requires a modern, flexible network and access strategy that extends to the edge. Learn about enabling context-aware zero trust access and uncompromised connectivity, from wherever employees are working.



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      Events & Webinars

      Preparing for the New World of Work

      VMware’s COO, Sanjay Poonen, talks with Infosys about the remote workforce technology that it takes to enable work from home. With a digital workspace platform, organizations can enable the flexibility to work from any location, on any device.

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      Learn How the Future of Work is Changing at vForum Online

      The mobile, distributed workforce has become a necessity, not a choice, for organizations across the globe. With 44 breakouts, 13 hands-on labs, and Q&A chats, vForum Online brings a unique learning opportunity to meet needs of your workplace.

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      Enable Remote Workers with Modern VDI

      View one or all six of the recorded sessions to get your answers to load balancing, cloud, VDI, and application security from experts across VMware (Horizon Cloud, Avi Networks, VeloCloud and Microsoft).

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      Business Continuity: Any App on Any Device

      In this webcast series, discover how to onboard new devices easily and deliver self-service support, while improving the resiliency of your entire IT organization.

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