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      What is VMware Horizon?

      VMware Horizon is a modern platform for secure delivery of virtual desktops and apps across the hybrid cloud, from the market leader in software-defined data center and digital workspaces. By leveraging unique integration with trusted VMware technology, Horizon helps IT efficiently deploy and scale virtual desktops and apps from a single control plane with rapid provisioning, automation, and simplified management to extend the best digital workspace experience to end users.

      Deliver Zero Trust Security to Horizon VDI and Apps

      Learn how new Workspace Security VDI delivers a high performance, intrinsically?secure virtual desktop and application solution powered by market leading VMware?Horizon and Carbon Black technology.

      Learn More

      Move to Horizon Universal license with the Subscription Upgrade Program

      Upgrade to Horizon Universal subscription licenses and get a single subscription to all Horizon products and deployment options.

      Learn more

      What’s New in Horizon 8

      Discover the newest capabilities in Horizon 8, including advances in hybrid and multi-cloud deployment and management, Instant Clones provisioning, automation with REST APIs, and a superior user experience for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.?

      Read the Blog

      Discover Horizon Learning Paths on Tech Zone

      Leverage the new Desktop Modernization guide and get step by step instructions on how to modernize your existing Horizon environment to Horizon 8.

      Go to TechZone

      Experience Horizon For Free

      Roll up your sleeves and discover Horizon for yourself with the Hands-on Lab.

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      What VMware Horizon Does  

      Deliver Virtual Desktops and Applications with a Rich, Adaptive User Experience

      Transform static desktops into secure, digital workspaces and deliver a consistently great and personalized end user experience for knowledge workers, mobile workers and even 3D developers across devices, locations, media and connections.

      Provides Hybrid-Cloud Delivery, Management and Scale

      Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments deliver scale and flexibility with a global entitlement layer and management services through a single, always-up-to-date cloud console.

      Secure Data and Simplifies Compliance

      Secure remote access to corporate resources from any BYO or corporate device, across the network, to centrally hosted desktops and apps using intrinsic security built into VMware infrastructure.

      Dramatically Improves ROI

      VMware Horizon enables cost savings and business benefits with modernized operations that simplify Day 2 management and hybrid and multi-cloud deployment options that help drive down cost.

      Modernizes Operations for Simplicity and Speed

      Transform legacy infrastructure with a platform that provides rapid desktop and app provisioning, complete API extensibility, and is built to securely support your future ready workforce.


      Customer Corner

      Customer Corner

      Preferred Mutual relies on Horizon desktops during Pandemic.

      Horizon Evaluation

      Download and install Horizon from the Evaluation Center.


      Try It Now

      Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure supports Windows Virtual Desktop

      Now you can use Windows Virtual Desktop with Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Learn more about the exciting value of the Microsoft & VMware partnership here.

      Read the announcement blog

      Advanced Load Balancing for Horizon and Horizon Cloud

      VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (by Avi Networks) enables great end-user experience for Horizon in any data center or cloud.

      View Virtual Summit

      Scale and Secure Your Horizon Deployment

      VMware Cloud Foundation with Horizon delivers an enterprise cloud platform with integrated virtual desktop and application services for push-button simple management and faster time to value.

      Learn More


      Uniquely Integrated on VMware Technology

      Integration with VMware Cloud Foundation delivers rapid provisioning and hyperconverged infrastructure ideal for on-premise or cloud deployment. VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (by Avi Networks) and VMware SD-WAN (by Velocloud) further enhance Horizon user experience in any data center or cloud. The power of market-leading VMware technology eliminates the need to build, test and support disparate storage, virtualization and networking products.

      Flexible Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment Options

      Flexibility to deploy and manage desktops and apps on-premises, or in the public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure, VMware Cloud on AWS, Google Cloud VMware Engine, IBM Cloud and other partner clouds. The Horizon Control Plane delivers always up-to-date infrastructure and connects entitlement and management layers across Horizon pods and clouds.

      Fast Deployment of Windows, Linux, and VM-Hosted Apps

      Quickly deliver Windows and Linux resources at scale across multiple data centers- now with support for published apps for Linux. VM-hosted apps allows admins to publish apps to a Windows 10 desktop for increased compatibility and flexibility.

      APIs for Automation

      Comprehensive REST APIs enable integration and automation of rich capabilities, including monitoring, entitlements and user and machine management.

      Session Collaboration and Optimized Web Conferencing

      Provides a better user experience and increase productivity with real-time session collaboration and optimized audio and video support for Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other communication and collaboration tools.

      Just-in-Time Delivery

      Rapidly deploy full-featured, personalized digital workspaces leveraging JMP technologies, which include Instant Clones, App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Management. Easily monitor performance, set up alerts and remediate issues to improve the user experience.

      Smart Policies with Streamlined Access

      Simplify authentication across all desktop and app services with True SSO and contextual, granular, role-based policies that connect user, device and location information. Deliver multilayered protection of virtual infrastructure with simplified networking, automated intelligence and threat protection that goes from data center to device.

      Blast Extreme Performance

      Deliver an immersive, feature-rich user experience for end users, across devices, locations, media and network connections with Blast Performance. Bring secure, workstation-class performance and rich 2D and 3D graphics from the cloud to remote and mobile workers with Horizon with Blast 3D.

      Robust Image/App Management and Delivery

      Simplified image and app lifecycle management streamlines assignments across Horizon pods and clouds with granular control. Powered by App Volumes and ThinApp, Horizon provides app isolation and radically faster application delivery, simplifying OS migrations and reducing IT costs by up to 70%.

      Advanced End-to-End Monitoring

      VMware Advanced Monitoring powered by ControlUp provides true real-time monitoring across the full stack with a rich set of metrics to track user experience and take correctives action. Eliminate issues quickly with guided troubleshooting and automated script actions for a wide variety of commonly occurring problems.


      Customer Case Study: LCMC Health

      Video Play Icon

      Customer Case Study: St. John’s Medical Center

      ''With VMware solutions, St. John’s Health is able to spend more time with patients and less time dealing with technology to deliver care.''


      Start your desktop (VDI) and application virtualization deployment with VMware Horizon. Already running Citrix? We can help you transform your environment to a modern solution with Horizon and start your journey to a comprehensive digital workspace solution with Workspace ONE.

      New to Desktop and Application Virtualization?

      Learn how desktop and application virtualization can deliver a consistent user experience across devices and locations while keeping corporate data secure and compliant. Whether you’re already running vSphere or you’re brand new to virtualization, we have curated learning paths and courses to help you get started.

      VMware Education

      Get Started with Horizon Online or VMware Instructor-Led Courses.

      Browse Courses

      Already Running Citrix? 

      Reliably deliver applications in real time to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop environments while reducing your costs by up to 55% with VMware App Volumes.

      Compare VMware and Citrix VDI and App Solutions

      Report from Principled Technologies reveals how you can eliminate half the steps and scale 4x faster using VMware.

      Download Report

      The Business Case for Horizon

      Why Choose Horizon over Citrix XenApp? This paper outlines the technical and business benefits.

      Download Now

      Decide Whether to Deploy On Premises or In the Cloud

      You can run our virtual desktop infrastructure on premises, in the cloud or as a cloud-hosted desktop service. See which deployment option and package is right for you.

      Want to deploy on-premises?

      Horizon perpetual editions deliver simple, powerful desktop and application virtualization with support for just-in-time delivery and automation with simplified, centralized one-to-many management capabilities.
      Horizon subscription packages may also be deployed on-premises and provide management capabilities in the Horizon Control Plane that simplify management across desktop pods.

      Want to deploy in the cloud?

      Choose one of our subscription packages which leverage our Horizon and desktop-as-a-service technologies and enable any of our cloud deployment options on Microsoft Azure, VMware Cloud on AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud VMware Engine, Azure VMware Solution and others.


      Want a hybrid model for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery or Burst?

      Horizon subscription packages enable hybrid architecture with both on-premises and public cloud deployment. A global entitlement layer and management services in the Horizon control plane connect pods, sites and clouds.
      See the feature comparison for detailed information on Horizon perpetual and subscription packages.

      Horizon on VMware Cloud on AWS

      Rapidly scale Horizon desktops and apps with VMware’s on-demand infrastructure service.

      Learn More

      Desktops-as-a-Service with Horizon Cloud

      Deploy virtual desktops and apps on the infrastructure of your choice and manage everything from a single cloud control plane.

      Learn More


      Horizon is available as a perpetual entitlement and as a subscription service with offers that deliver simple, cost effective desktop and application virtualization solutions for every need.



      Customer managed solution or Desktop-as-a-Service options with access to powerful management capabilities in the cloud

      • Horizon Universal: Desktop and application delivery for on-premises or cloud deployment
      • Horizon Apps Universal: Application delivery for on-premises or cloud deployment


      View the Complete Feature Comparison for Horizon Subscription Licenses


      • Horizon Standard: Simple, powerful VDI with great user experience.
      • Horizon Advanced: Cost-effective delivery of desktops and applications through a unified workspace.
      • Horizon Enterprise: Desktop and application delivery with closed-loop management and automation.
      • Horizon Apps Standard: Simple, powerful app virtualization with a great user experience.
      • Horizon Apps Advanced: Powerful app virtualization with just-in-time management.


      View the Complete Feature Comparison for Perpetual Horizon Editions

      Reasons to Choose VMware

      Why Choose VMware?

      Only?VMware Workspace ONE?provides a unified platform to help you transform IT and reduce costs. Compare us to some of our competitors and see for yourself why VMware is simply better.

      Learn More


      Choose Your License Model

      Horizon is available in two license models:

      • Per Named User: For virtual environments with staff that need dedicated access to a virtual desktop throughout the day.
      • Per Concurrent Connection: For virtual environments with a high number of shift workers where machines are shared between workers throughout the day (e.g. students, shift workers).

      Choose Your Payment Plan
      Horizon Desktop and Apps are available on a perpetual and subscription basis.


      Choose Your Edition
      Horizon perpetual is available in three editions?that deliver simple, cost effective desktop and application virtualization?solutions that are fully optimized for VMware’s management and Software-Defined?Data Center. These editions include: VMware Horizon Standard Edition, VMware?Horizon Advanced Edition and VMware Horizon Enterprise Edition.

      ? ?Customers wishing to take advantage of subscription licensing can?leverage Horizon Subscription and Horizon Universal Subscription offers


      Need apps only? Visit the Horizon Apps product page.


      Buy perpetual Horizon licenses now in the VMware Store