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      Opening Back Up at Scale: Executive Roundtable Led by Bask Iyer, CIO and CDTO at VMware

      Bask Iyer, along with guests from the US, Kenya, and France, address the variables associated with redefining their workplaces for remote productivity, and what needs to happen next to open back up.

      Phares Kariuki, CEO, Node Africa
      Jeremiah Chunge, Head of Alternative Channels & Technology, Genghis Capital Ltd
      Didier Sabardu, Deputy Global Head of Digital Workplace, Société Générale
      Paul Green, CIO, Angel MedFlight




      Learning from the Business Continuity Pros:
      6 Best Practices for Successfully Managing a Crisis

      The transition to remote work for 30,000+ VMware employees has been smooth and successful thanks in large part to the hard work and advance planning by our business continuity team. Read our best practices to keep employees around the world?safer,?engaged and productive.

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      Improving Customer Experience and Revenue Starts with The App Portfolio

      Improving Customer Experience and Revenue Starts with the App Portfolio

      For best practices and a comparison between your app modernization journey and those of more than 600 global IT executives, read the latest Forrester Consulting study.

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      Leaning into Change Infographic

      Leaning into Change

      While no one was prepared for a 100% remote work scenario, some were more prepared than others. Technology leaders share their perspectives on leading through disruption.

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      How a Unified IT and Security Strategy Lays a Foundation for Success

      How a Unified IT and Security Strategy Lays a Foundation for Success

      To assess how a common IT and security strategy can break down silos across the two teams, Forrester Consulting surveyed 1,400+ manager level and above IT/security professionals along with CIOs and CISOs.

      Download Report

      Follow our CIO Exchange channels to keep up with the latest VMware thought leadership resources for executives.